FFF2010 Awards!

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Outstanding Screenplay
  • WHERE'S WILLIE by Jeff Oswald, 1st runner-up
  • KATE by Philip Sedgwick, 2nd runner-up
Outstanding Feature Film
dir. John Gries
prod. Peter J. Clark, Jon Gries, Dan Riley, Ben Skerker
written by:  Johnny Dowers & Garret Mathany

Outstanding Feature Film, Audience Award
dir.  Jon Gries
prod. Peter J. Clark, Jon Gries, Dan Riley, Ben Skerker
written by:  Johnny Dowers & Garret Mathany

Outstanding Feature Documentary
dir. The Wagner Brothers

Outstanding Short Documentary
dir. Paul Perreault

Outstanding Short Subject
dir. Kamila Ticha

Outstanding Animated Short

Outstanding Short Subject, Audience Award
dir. Yael Singer

Outstanding Actor
John Norwell
ROCK DOVE (dir. Tommy Walsh, Christopher Burke)

Outstanding Actress
Lily Holleman
URFRENZ (dir. Jeff Phillips)

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Jonny Mars
THE HAPPY POET (dir. Paul Gordon)

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Danielle Quisenberry
PROUD MARY (dir. Dylan Kelley)

Outstanding Ensemble Cast
WICKED BAD (dir. Brandon Barker)

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John K's Show List for Saturday!

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1:00 ... Kids Program
A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith
Secret Membership Oath
Mighty’s Benefit Plan with Extra Ending
Looney Tunes: Tortoise Wins by a Hare
Looney Tunes: Kitty Cornered
Mighty Mouse: Night of the Bat Bat
Popeye Ali Baba
Roger Ramjet: Martins and the Coys
Woody Woodpecker: Who’s Cooking Who
Weird Al Music Video
Three Stooges Cactus Makes Perfect

7:00 ... Evening Program
Bjork Video
Old Navy Big Pockets
Old Navy Flares
Old Navy Girls Fleece
Old Navy Hoodies
Boo Boo Runs Wild Extended Ending
Tenacious D
Tenacious D THC
Pee Boners
Wph-12 demo
Man’s Best Friend
Big House Blues

Happy Opening Day! Let's Watch Movies!

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MONDAY | August 9

11 AM Coffee Clatch @ Rendezvous

1 PM Shorts

Rustbucket , The Art of Cher Lyn, Craven, Proud Mary , Yogurt Cups, First Night, Chase Thompson
Post-Screening: Filmmaker Q & A
dir. Kurt Lancaster w/ Cher Lyn (Art of Cher Lyn)

3 PM Shorts
Long Live the Duke, Amazonia, Wrestling With My Father , To Those Who Wait, Del: 100 , Rock Dove , Weightloss , The Cow Who Wanted To Be a Hamburger

5 PM  Feature Plus
Gul (Flower)
Post-Screening: Filmmaker Q & A with dir. Alex Kopel (Transmission)

7 PM Feature
Mister Rogers & Me
Post-screening Skype chat with dir. Benjamin Wagner

9 PM Feature 
The Happy Poet

11 PM Filmmakers Lounge @ Rendezvous

From Our Obsessive Planning Department, The Entire Schedule!

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FLAGSTAFF FILM FESTIVAL [ Festival Schedule by Day ]
includes special events, filmmaker Q & A's, filmmaker lounge locations
More information is on our Web site

August 9

11 AM Coffee Clatch @ Rendezvous

1 PM Shorts
Rustbucket , The Art of Cher Lyn, Craven, Proud Mary , Yogurt Cups, First Night, Chase Thompson
Post-Screening: Filmmaker Q & A dir. Kurt Lancaster w/ Cher Lyn (Art of Cher Lyn)

3 PM Shorts
Long Live the Duke, Amazonia, Wrestling With My Father , To Those Who Wait, Del: 100 , Rock Dove , Weightloss , The Cow Who Wanted To Be a Hamburger

5 PM  Feature Plus
Gul (Flower)
Post-Screening: Filmmaker Q & A with dir. Alex Kopel (Transmission)

7 PM Feature
Mister Rogers & Me

9 PM Feature
The Happy Poet

Filmmakers Lounge @ Rendezvous

August 10

11 AM Meeting
Coffee Clatch @ the Rendezvous

1 PM Shorts, Program 3
Department of Homeland (In) Security, Terry & Titania, Fluorescent Gray, Break Up/Break Down, 3-Iron, Phone Sex Grandma

3 PM Shorts , Program 4
Woodsy, 111 Degrees Longitude, SOLO the Series, Delusion, A Day at the Park

5 PM  Feature Plus

7 PM Feature
Good Boy

9 PM Feature

Filmmaker’s Lounge @ The Piano Room

August 11

11 AM Meeting
Coffee Clatch @ the Rendezvous

1 PM Shorts, Program 5
Fluorescent Gray, Craven, Wrestling With My Father, Mother Stories, El Cortejo, Woodsy, Postman Clive, Question

3 PM  Feature

5 PM Shorts, Program 6
2 Men, 2 Cows, 2 Guns, Hitmanning!, Clemency, Wrecked, Faith Healer, Purgatory, Inc., Chase Thompson
Post-Screening: Filmmaker Q & A dir. Matt Brailey (Postman Clive)

7 PM Feature
Keeping the Kibbutz

9 PM Feature
Wicked Bad
Post-Screening Q & A with dir. Brandon Barker

Filmmaker’s Lounge @ Collins’s Irish Pub

August 12

11 AM Meeting
Coffee Clatch @ the Rendezvous

1 PM Shorts Program 7: Border. Discuss.
Arizona Resiste, Tucson Youth Rise Up, 389 Miles: Living the Border

3 PM Shorts Program 8: Docufictofacts
My Father’s Son, Craven, Navajo Rug Weaving, Unsung: The Ballad of Blackjack Young, Postcards From the Parks
Post-screening Q & A with Cody Young (dir. Blackjack Young) and Blackjack Young , Vicky Westover (prod. My Father's Son)

5 PM  Feature
Somewhere Near Tapachula

7 PM Featurei
Sneakers & Soul

9 PM Feature
Post-Screening: Filmmaker Q & (maybe) A with dir. Peter Perreault

Filmmaker’s Lounge & Karaoke Party @ Monte Vista Lounge

August 13

11 AM Meeting
Coffee Clatch @ the Rendezvous

1 PM Shorts Program 9: Science Fact, Science Fiction
Telefone, SOLO the Series, Transmission, Dark Matter
Post-Screening Filmmaker Q & A with prod. Allison Vanore (SOLO)

3 PM Shorts Program 10: Docufictofacts
Mother Stories, The Art of Cher Lyn, Wrestling With My Father, Del:100, Weightloss, Phone Sex Grandma, Woodsy, Arizona Resiste, Tucson Youth Rise Up, Navajo Rug Weaving

5 PM  Feature
Hillmon’s Bones

7 PM Feature
Sounds of Beirut

9 PM Feature
Pickin’ & Grinnin‘

Filmmaker’s Lounge @ The Green Room
The Johnson's (Pickin' & Grinnin') perform with special guests The Bug Bites

August 14

11 AM Meeting
Coffee Clatch @ the Rendezvous

1 PM Special Program!
John K. Presents Kiddie Matinees, presented by Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi

3 PM Shorts Program 11: Short Subject Animation
Rustbucket, Dreaming of Hair, Amazonia, The Cow Who Wanted To Be a Hamburger, Gul (Flower), A Day At the Park, Question, Wrecked, Dark Matter

5 PM  Feature Plus
Fluorescent Gray, Man in the Moose Suit, Party, Phone Sex Grandma, To Those Who Wait

7 PM Special Program!
John K. Retrospective presented by Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi

9 PM Feature
Post-Screening Filmmaker Q & A with dir. Geoff Marslett

Filmmaker’s Lounge @ Altitudes

August 15

11 AM Meeting
Coffee Clatch @ the Rendezvous

1 PM StaFFF Favorites
Staff favorites, shown all day, ending at 7:30 PM.  Schedule TBA.

3 PM Shorts Program 11: Short Subject Animation
Rustbucket, Dreaming of Hair, Amazonia, The Cow Who Wanted To Be a Hamburger, Gul (Flower), A Day At the Park, Question, Wrecked, Dark Matter

7 PM  Feature Plus
John K.’s Kid Friendly Stuff on Heritage Square (Free & Open to the Public!)

9 PM Awards Ceremony
The Orpheum and no, you do NOT need a cumberbund, bow-tie, or fancy dress.

August 16

11 AM Meeting
Coffee Clatch @ the Rendezvous

1 PM AUDIENCE Favorites
Throughout the festival we'll ask our audience to vote for their favorite features and shorts. And today, we show them ALL DAY LONG! Schedule TBA.

9 PM A Red Pill Movie!
F.L.O.W, For Love of  Water

Filmmaker’s Lounge @ Mia's Lounge

The Big List of Loveliness ... Here's What's Showing!

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389 Miles "Living the Border" (81m, U S A) dir. Luis Carlos Romero-Davis
A human journey, a story documented by director Luis Carlos Romero-Davis who grew up in the shadow of the Mexico-Arizona border. It presents the raw, daily life of human beings compromised economically, and the potential rewards for those who exploit them. There is no purely good side or bad, only the steel wall or a strand of rusty barbed wire and the complex web of human emotions and issues forged by them—survival, human trafficking, rape, corruption, evil and grace in many disguises.

Dive (40m U S A) dir. Jeremy Seifert
Dive! follows Jeremy Seifert and his friends as they dumpster dive in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of L.A.'s supermarkets. In the process they salvage thousands of dollars worth of good food and uncover a disturbing truth about waste in America. The goal quickly becomes finding out why so much edible food is thrown away instead of being given to those who need it. The result is equal parts entertainment, guerrilla journalism and call to action.

Good Boy (89m, U S A) dir. Patrick Roddy
The plot of Good Boy follows a young man in a dead end job, who steals from his employer and hits the road for a new life. His journey to freedom is derailed by a mysterious, sadistic killer and his human pets.

The Happy Poet (85m, U S A) dir. Paul Gordon
When Bill, the title character, secures a very small loan to start his dream business--a health food stand--his struggles as an idealistic micro-business owner begin.

Hillmon's Bones (80M, U S A) dir. Ernesto R. Acevedo-Muñoz
Three University of Colorado professors journey to uncover a mystery regarding the identity of a body buried in Lawrence, Kansas in 1879. A young widow, a decades-long lawsuit, suspected insurance fraud, two grave exhumations, six separate trials, two unusual Supreme Court rulings, and uncertain identities culminate in a riveting tale chronicled in the documentary Hillmon's Bones.

Keeping the Kibbutz (54m, U S A) dir. Tessa Moran
The discovery of life on Mars places a robotic expedition and a manned mission in a race to the Red Planet. On the way we discover that love - biological, spiritual, and even mechanical - can flourish in all kinds of ways.

Mars (83m, U S A)  dir. Geoff Marslett
The discovery of life on Mars places a robotic expedition and a manned mission in a race to the Red Planet. On the way we discover that love - biological, spiritual, and even mechanical - can flourish in all kinds of ways.

Mister Rogers & Me (83m, U S A) dir. The Wagner Brothers
Benjamin Wagner first met “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” creator and star, Fred Rogers, at Rogers’ summer home on Nantucket, Massachusetts. His mother rented the cottage next door, so Mister Rogers really was his neighbor.

Party (60m, U S A)  dir. J. Peter Perreault
PARTY is mocumentary/ dramedy mixed with slapstick, music and improv. This time capsule captures the beginnings of some of today's great underground and mainstream talents.The year is 1995 and this PARTY is just getting started.

Pre (85m, U S A) dir. Steven Tanenbaum
PRE, the first aftermath comedy, was inspired by the days immediately after 9/ll and literally refers to the ninety minutes before a play starts. PRE is an ensemble story that follows a diverse group of young artists; packing backstage horseplay, romance, addiction, the-show-must-go-on tradition, even dream sequences and flashbacks into its 85 minutes. Inspired by New York City mythologies both pre and post 9/11 (notably a passage from E.B. White’s Here Is New York), PRE documents the every-day-ordinary backstage traumas that are heightened by an extraordinary situation to explore fundamental truths about our humanity.

Pickin' & Grinnin' (106m, U S A) dir. John Gries
Two down and out brothers (the Johnsons), who come from a long legacy of losers, decide to give their dream of musical stardom one last chance. Leaving the ghosts of failure behind them, they set out in their 1976 Winnebago Brave from their hometown of Banning California, to Music City, Nashville Tennessee to win the 'Sing-A-Ling' contest. This musical road trip of redemption will show the brothers why they started playing music in the first place and just what it means to be a brother.

Postcards From the Parks (40m, U S A) dir. Sam Jansen
Arizona is a state known for its natural beauty and wild west history, but most of it's state parks are scheduled to be closed. In POSTCARDS FROM THE PARKS four friends set out to visit every park in the state to find out what we have, why we're in danger of losing them, and what can be done to save them. They interview park employees, community leaders, volunteers and visitors, and dig into the economics and politics to find out what the real issues are.

Somewhere Near Tapachula (65m, U S A) dir. Stefan Hunt
In November 2000, Alan and Pamela Skuse left their home on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, to volunteer at an orphanage in Tapachula for twelve months. The organisation they were assisting closed down after six months, leaving the Skuses with a life changing decision. To return to Australia, or take on the overwhelming challenge of caring for the remaining 7 children full time.

Sounds of Beirut (60m, U S A) dir. Seth Koury
Sounds of Beirut is a documentary that was filmed weeks after a major armed conflict that nearly cast the country back into civil war as militias battled on the streets of Beirut. The film explores how the past civil war conflicts and current tensions have influenced local artists to create music, what the music means to them, an what it means to the audience. The scene is very diverse with genres ranging from pop, hip-hop, opera, classical, traditional Arabic, acoustic, and rock. The various music genres are performed in three languages: French, Arabic and English. The documentary highlights four major themes that are present in the Beirut music scene: How the diverse culture is the gateway from the East to the West, How the music scene was born from crisis, How the people use music as a way to escape the troubles of the city, and how the troubled past and uncertain future has created a live for the day culture in the city. The musicians in the documentary also use their art to disabuse misconceptions about the country.

Sneakers & Soul (101m, U S A) dir. Jonathan Zelenak
“You should always have a perfect bed and comfortable shoes, because when you’re not in one, you’re in the other.” This is the credo of Johnny-boy Bailey’s late father, Murray, a man whose passion for life and love for adventure was an inspiration to all. It is also the credo that has haunted Johnny-boy, an overworked and under-enthused lawyer from South Jersey who finds himself trapped in a routine as dull as the black loafers he spends every day in. When Johnny-boy inherits a pair of blue sneakers and a key to a mysterious New York City apartment from his father, he is given a chance to find a new direction for himself and live up to his father’s legacy.

Transmission (52m, U S A)
dir. Alex Kopel
An alien crashes to Earth in the form of a famous movie cowboy, with the message that humans are destroying the Universe through negative thoughts and actions. Nobody believes him, and the alien succumbs to human ways of lust, violence, and gluttony himself until he finally figures out how to save time and space with one epic image. Soundtrack from Igor Stravinsky's 'The Firebird'.

URFrenz (90m, U S A) dir. Jeff Phillips
High school girls and their parents collide over the use of a popular social networking site when the identity and motives of an online boy come into question.

Wicked Bad (76m, U S A), dir. Brandon Barker
Edward, 16, is not entirely discreet about his foray into Devil worship. Fed-up, Edward’s militant older brother hires George, an irreverent out-of-work actor, to masquerade as the devil himself, all to teach Edward a valuable life lesson. Through much trial-and-error, George convinces the boy that he is indeed the Devil incarnate. Hilarious yet unintentional advice helps Edward get the girl, revenge upon his brother, and ultimately a deeper understanding of what he really wants out of life. Unexpected results unfold as the larger-than-life actor quickly becomes the father figure Edward never intended.

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS [ shorts & webisodes ]

111 Degrees Longitude (81m, U S A) dirs. Yuri Makino and Cindy Stillwell
Directors Yuri Makino and Cindy Stillwell’s documentary crosses the 111th meridian to speak with two very different women in two very different parts of the U.S. With one in Tucson, AZ and the other in Bozeman MT, they each share their stories and questions about life’s expectations, family, and what it is that is keeping them in their respective locations. The similarities between them and indeed, humans on the whole, become apparent.

3-Iron (14m, U S A) dir. Matt Kazman
In this dark comedy, Frank is a meek, passive man who gets no respect from his wife and his overactive, borderline-violent 8-year-old son, over whom he has no control. His escape is golf, but this Saturday his routine is interrupted when he accidentally discovers his wife's affair with a sweaty neighbor. For the first time in his life, he reacts in an aggressive way, unintentionally gaining his son’s attention and admiration in the process.

Amazonia (5m, USA) dir. Sam Chen
In the same vein as the 2003 SIGGRAPH Best Of Show film Eternal Gaze, "Amazonia" reunites animation filmmaker Sam Chen with composer/sound-designer Jamey Scott for a 2-person collaboration and meditation on a subject matter deeply personal to them -- how to satisfy one's hunger without getting eaten. 4 years in the making, "Amazonia" is a musical journey inspired by Disney's Fantasia, with the physical hilarity of a Looney Tunes cartoon, all set to Beethoven's Symphony No.8.

Arizona Resiste (7m, U S A) dir. J.M. Aragón
A movement in Arizona begins as youth organize themselves in protest that sparks national attention toward the anti-immigrant laws in Arizona.

The Art of Cher Lyn: A Healing Journey (9m, U S A)  dir. Kurt Lancaster
An exploration of visual artist Cher Lyn and her spiritual paintings based on her vision quests. Explores her abusive past and how she uses painting as a form of 'medicine' in order to bring healing to herself.

Break Up/Break Down (10m, Israel) dir. Yael Singer
Addresses the human desire to be loved, embraced, independent, respected.

Care (12m, U S A) dir. Erika Gronek
Care is the story of one woman's journey to get long term care for her mentally ill and ailing mother. Stuck in the 'sandwich generation' she is both caring for her mom and her young son. She is troubled by her mother's obvious cognitive impairment yet struggles to build a case with the state long term care agency. She finds that there is a gaping hole between care for the body and the mind as well as for the intersection of mental health and aging.

Chase Thompson, a Film By Chase Thompson (12m, U S A) dir. Vincent Lin
When up and coming filmmaker Chase Thompson is hired to direct a lackluster romance film, the foolhardy director takes it as an opportunity to fire the crew and turn the film into his own zombie slaying masterpiece, starring himself. When studio executives notice their film isn't the one being made, Chase must decide which film is the one he truly wants to direct.

Clemency (18m, U S A) dir. Joseph Albanese
Arthur Poe (Cris D’Annunzio) is a sadistic killer who likes to torture his victims. In 1993, he was captured and subsequently convicted by the state of Virginia for several gruesome murders. Poe received a sentence of death. Years later and days before his execution, the newly elected governor granted Poe clemency based on a testimony given by a forensic psychologist during Poe’s murder trial. The testimony convinced the governor that Poe deserves psychiatric care rather than death. Many are outraged by the governor’s act of leniency. A reporter (Maury Morgan) takes on Poe in an interview seeking to shed light on the emotionally charged topic. What she learns can never be forgotten or forgiven.

The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger (6m, U S A) dir. Bill Plympton
Award-winning animator Bill Plympton's newest animated short, THE COW WHO WANTED TO BE A HAMBURGER is the tragic story of a bovine seduced by advertising led down the path of butchers and carnivores.

Craven (20m, Canada) dir. Robert Fullerton
We live everyday with criminals... everyone's a 'businessman'. What are you going to do... a single father, a simple Russian immigrant, a once was... when you witness a gang style killing?

A Day at the Park (10m, U S A) dir. Spencer Stuard
You'll never want to play alone again.

Dark Matter (10m, U S A) dir. Eric Lindell
The Voyager 1 spacecraft is currently near the edge of the solar system. Its sensors will see far more than mankind's ever will. Yet against the vast, dark matter filled universe, it only sees mere drops of light, until one moment when its electrical-mechanical eyes are blasted wide open.

Del:100 (13m, U S A) dir. Craig Volk
Del:100 is a visually haunting documentary short that highlights the career of centenarian journalist Delores Plested. Born in 1908, Del witnessed and reported on many of the major events of the 20th century. Her life experiences included writing for the New York Times and The Ladies Home Journal in the 1940s, observing the Hindenburg dirigible before its tragic crash and meeting many celebrities. Later, she was a trail blazing female reporter in Colorado who covered Eisenhower, Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover when Ike had his summer White House in Denver. Del also covered Jackie Kennedy’s Aspen holiday with John-John and Caroline. Her amazing life is celebrated in her own words and accompanied by poetic cinematography and a jazz score. Del:100 offers to the viewer a poignant account on the amazing life experiences of this bold woman.

Delusion (9m, Russian Federation) dir. Alexander Markov
An artist attempts to put his fantasies on canvas. The artistic process opens him up to new and unexpected ideas and this awakening gives him a new life. In his new world there are no borders between the real and imagined worlds.

Department of Homeland (in)Security (11m, Spain, U S A) dir. Pablo Gomez-Castro
A couple waits at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office. They have been waiting forever. A clerk finally receives them and gets to revising their file. He embodies the most feared aspects of U.S. Immigration Laws: their inflexibility and the cumbersome procedures they entail. The couple have already answered many questions, passed several tests and filled in many forms. However, this clerk is very suspicious of their relationship and wants to further interview them to find out whether their marriage is legitimate or whether they got married to defraud the system.

Dreaming of Hair (1m, U S A) dir. Dara Elerath
Dreaming of Hair: A text-based animation inspired by a poem of the same name by writer Li-Young Lee. Animated by Dara Elerath and narrated by the renowned artist and puppeteer Michael McCormick. The poem is about waking up and finding your lover's hair in your mouth. The imagery and visuals use are done in a Kinetic Text style that evokes the sensuality and romance inspired by the poem.

El Cortejo (14m, Spain) dir. Marina Seresesky
Capi is the oldest gravedigger in the cemetery.  Used to working amidst the suffering of others and the jokes of his colleagues, there is only one person capable of taking him out of his daily routine.  Every month for the last couple of years he has waited for Marta to take flowers to the grave of her husband.  She is his last hope.

Faith Healer (23m, U S A) dir. Adam Hirsch
In this metacinematic thriller, the lines between fact and fiction begin to waver when filmmakers struggle to reconstruct the life of an alleged faith healer when he vanishes from their documentary.

First Night (5m, U S A) dir. Julius Galacki
First Night is a neurotic comedy that finds a couple in bed after having sex for the first time with less than stellar results.

Fluorescent Gray (8m, U S A) dir. Leo Age
Something bad is happening in the house of marriage. They promised not to tell.

Gul (Flower) (9m, U S A) dir. Adnan Hussain
Gul, a young girl, is awakened by her mother's dying breath. She struggles to recall her past. A child's view illustrates conflicts between abuse, self determination, human rights, and the environment. Her world manifests through visual poetry. Raw, expressive, painted style computer animation is scored with masterful Sindhi Folk music from the villages of Pakistan. With all that she finds, can love create hope in the face of oppression?

Hitmanning! (27m, U S A) dir. Ian Hinck
In HITMANNING! two friends discover that the man who has been sleeping on their couch for the past few years is actually a hitman known as Doug 'The Florist' Thornton when police burst into their home and take him away. The two quickly learn that The Florist (who is also actually a florist) had been paying all their bills when the power company cuts them off. They decide to open one of the mysterious black envelopes that keep arriving at their apartment and try their hand at HITMANNING! As could be expected the two lovable slackers aren't as good at being assassins as they might have hoped. Yet somehow, despite their ineptitude, their targets always seem to die mysterious deaths. When The Florist breaks out of prison he decides to take them along on his hits and they see how a real pro goes about being a hitman.

Long Live the Duke (12m, U S A) dir. Matt Brailey
It's been two years since Hank ran over the family dog. In an effort to protect his son Charlie, he had the dog stuffed, and continues to treat it like it's alive. Hanks biggest fear is that Charlie will find out. When Grandma makes a surprise visit, his secret becomes much harder to keep.

Man in the Moose Suit (4m, U S A) dir. Ryan Glenn
Music video. A paranoid man is pushed over the edge by what he thinks he sees on the afternoon news. What follows is a series of vignettes showing his imagined reality of the unraveling of society.

Mother Stories (20m) dirs. Peter & Paul Perreault
MOTHER STORIES began with an idea. Father Randall had great stories to tell about Mother Teresa and these stories would be forgotten if no one captured them. Shortly after Mother's passing, Perreault brothers Peter and Paul with mother Marion traveled from Massachusetts to Kentucky to brave a blizzard and record Father Randall for an exclusive interview.

My Father's Son (26m, ) dir. JorDan Fuller
After picking up his son Carlos from a Mexican orphanage, Miles and the boy head out on the road for the States. Struggling to connect and unable to speak each other’s language, their new beginning is quickly wrecked as they become stranded in the desert overnight. Finding themselves blood-related strangers, they must now face the past and any possibility of a future together.

Out of Here (8m, Spain), dir. Chino Moya
After a dispute a young woman leaves her older boyfriend´s comfortable apartment. She has nowhere to go so wanders the streets aimlessly
eventually ending up in a cafe where she has a random encounter.

Postman Clive (11m, U S A) dir. Matt Brailey
After two years of avoiding his mother, Clive barren, a middle–aged man employed by the us postal service gets an urgent message that she has passed away. This seemingly devastating news has no effect on Clive. He refuses to acknowledge the grief that he feels and it’s an encounter with a strange mechanized mailbox that inspires Clive to confront his emotionally crippled state of mind.

Prayers for Peace (8m, U S A) dir. Dustin Grella
Pastels on a slate chalkboard underscore life's impermanence as the artist confronts the memory of his younger brother killed in Iraq.

Proud Mary (6m, U S A) dir. Dylan Kelley
This heartwarming experience accompanies Mary through trepidatious times of imminent change and her search for inner harmony.

Purgatory, Inc. (6m, U S A) dir. Boris Kievsky
Clerk is your typical office worker stuck in your typical office Hell. Well, almost. Welcome to the eternal bureaucracy that is Purgatory, Inc - the IRS of the afterlife. When Christopher McNamee materializes in Clerk's cosmic cubicle after dying in a freak accident, it falls to Clerk to sort out his afterlife. Christopher should be an easy candidate for Heaven, except for one slight problem: He's Catholic...and married...to a man! Suddenly Clerk is forced to reconcile the wishes of his dead client with the policy of Purgatory, Inc: 'We don't judge ... We process'. It's just another day of deciding your eternity in this slice of death office comedy.

Question (1m, U S A) dir. Dara Elerath
A short, experimental poem-collage based on the work of May Swenson, created and narrated by Dara Elerath. This was as elf-directed learning project. All skills and techniques used were created by the artist's own experimentation and problem solving. This project has led to subsequent projects and the discovery that there is a deep affinity for this particular art form.

Rock Dove (25m, U S A) dir. Tommy Walsh, Christopher Burke
Recently released from prison, Rodney Sinclair, sets out to reconnect with his family, and start living the life he has always longed for. It has been 10 years since he has seen his daughter, but he is determined to get to know the woman she has become. As he begins to put his life back together, Rodney is faced with a life long obsession that threatens to unravel him.

Rustbucket (3m, U S A) dir. David Meyers
Jarito is a young boy living all alone in a dusty post apocalyptic junkyard. His only link to the past is a strange golden disk with strange symbols on it. Then one day a mysterious piece of junk falls from the sky bearing similar markings to that of his disk. But before Jarito can examine the junk further, he gets interrupted by another strange machine that has come from up above and seems to seek destruction to whatever gets in its way.

SOLO - The Series (5m, U S A) dir. Jorge Urbina
Our hero, Scott Drizhal, is chosen to go on a solo, 3 year mission to Mars as part of a reality series. Unfortunately the show is canceled and Scott is now stuck on a round-trip ticket to Mars and back. With no company in deep space other than a smart-ass, artificially-intelligent ship computer (PHAL), his wife declaring him legally dead so she can claim the millions in insurance, a Napoleonic producer whose hubris lands him and the show into Japanese mafia infested waters and a malfunctioning, prototype ship that was never meant to fly to Mars… Hilarity ensues.

'Telefone' (5m, U S A) dir. Jeffrey Bliss
Synopsis: Two isolated individuals desperately search to make connections. Amidst their loneliness, mysterious gift boxes containing rotary telephones begin appearing around them. Upon spinning the dial, the callers are transported to favorable experiences with the people they love and miss. However, the increasing number of calls overwhelms a maniacal switchboard operator. Connections become confused and ultimate destruction is never far away.

Terry & Titania (7m, United Kingdom) dir. Patrick McMahon
Terry's an office worker. Titania's a fairy. Or insane. Potentially both. But when man and untamed nature collide - who'll come out on top? A Shakespeare classic gets a modern makeover in this surreal romantic comedy.

To Those Who Wait (5m, U S A) dir. William Norton
A waitress and bartender, longing to close, are frustrated by lingerers looking for love

Tucson Youth Rise Up (7m, U S A) dir. J.M. Aragón
A youth movement in Tucson galvanizes students to take action against Arizona laws that ban ethnic studies in their schools.

Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns (7m, Canada) dir. Pardis Parker
Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns is an unpredictable comedy short from Canadian filmmaker Pardis Parker. This is a delightfully odd short containing sharp dialogue and hilarious action that unfolds at a breakneck pace.

Unsung: The Ballad of Blackjack Young (15m) dir. Cody Young
After his service in World War II as a Navy frogman, Jack Young came to Hollywood hoping to become an actor.  Instead, he stumbled into the world of the Hollywood stuntman.  Taking the name “Blackjack,” he specialized in Westerns and worked with the icons of the genre, such as John Wayne, John Ford, and Howard Hawks.  In this short documentary, Jack’s son, Cody Young, explores his father’s career by showcasing some of the more notable stunts Blackjack performed and the untold stories behind them.

Weightloss (20m, U S A) dir. Roman Arriola
This is a documentary about Alex Anaya trying to lose weight. He hires a strange trainer, Travis, who creates more problems than solves. Alex has a reason for losing weight, and her name is Priscilla, a girl that jogs in front of his house every sunset. Alex puts all his effort into losing weight, but somehow it always seems to rain on his goal.

Woodsy (9m, U S A) dir. Alicia Nogueira
Living fully off the grid (and partially outside the law) is a rewarding way of life for two characters in this homegrown film. Telluride director Alicia Nogueira profiles Angela Mallard and David Brankley, locals who are fully engaged in this community, yet they choose to live in the woods, where they feel more aligned with the natural world. Woodsy is an inspiration as well as a clear choice.

Wrecked (3m, U S A) dir. Luke Ralston
Be careful about talking on a cell phone while driving. This short animation follows a man humorously forced to confront his own mortality after suffering a devastating car accident. Encountering a few new characters and arriving at some unwanted conclusions before he is ushered into the afterlife. Enjoy this cautionary animated tale from dir. Luke Ralston.

Wrestling with my Father (5m, U S A) dir. Charles Fairbanks
Wrestling with my Father features my father sitting on bleachers, facing the camera. We hear a whistle and he tenses up, reacting physically to the action that remains offscreen, hidden to us. He plants his feet, sways his hips, leans, grabs, and grimaces, wrestling - or is it dancing? - with the object of his gaze.

Yogurt Cups (9m, USA & Czech Republic)
Yogurt Cups is a closely observed film about a relationship between a retired widower and his caretaker in the rural area of the Czech Republic. The old man, who lives on a farm, suffers from Parkinson's. When his spirited caretaker suggests alternative method of treatment to subside his tremors, he grumpily refuses until a chain of events makes him change his mind.

The Final Schedule of Films. Yippie Yippie Yippie!

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Here, for your delight and amusement, is a .jpg detailing the films showing at FFF2010. Simply click the image at left to see a high-resolution and wonderfully humongous schedule.

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