The Flagstaff International Film Festival

Thursday, January 28, 2010
You wouldn't believe how much I've thought about the festival's name. Just tons. Tons and tons. There was a point last fall when I thought it would be called Canyonlands. Well, because Flagstaff is close to the Grandest of All Canyons, THE Grand Canyon. And I want all of those amazingly cute international people who schlep up to the Canyon to stay in Flagstaff an extra day or so, you know, so that they might enjoy some fantastic indie films! Some of which may have been produced in their very own cute little country! Yeah so that's why I thought I should connect Flagstaff to the GC.

But then someone told me that Northern Arizona (hereafter referred to as 'Noraz') is actually located in "Canyon Country" not in "Canyon Lands". Eff that, said I, no one cares, eff that effing noise. But then I reconsidered. Because what will I call the awards? The Canyonlandie? Grody.

Conversely, if I called the thing the Flagstaff International Film Festival, I could (1) accomplish the goal of attracting Canyon Enthusiasts, and specifically the cute little foreign variety cuz we've got that "International" in there as a nice little inclusive bit. And (2) the award can be adorably referred to as the Fiffy. Maybe it will even be the visage of a little lap dog. I dunno, that's gotta be ironed out later.


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