Thursday, January 28, 2010
Hello, I'm Meg.

I'm starting a film festival in Flagstaff, Arizona. We'll have our very first festival in July, 2010.


I've been trying to get this festival under way for about 6 months. Devoting all of my time to it. Way too much time. I'm broke yet completely fulfilled. It's the weirdest time in my life. And I'm just dumb enough to share this drama with you.


Here's what I'm thinking about at the moment:

Goal 1. I want this festival to premiere in 2010 no matter how big or how little it is.
Goal 2. I want this festival to be super duper fun.
Conclusion: If I write about accomplishing those goals, it will be humiliating yet hilarious. And even if I don't actually get this festival going, I will still have a funny little record of my progress or lack of progress.

I've been humiliated before. Lots of times! So this should be easy!


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