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Mission: Design Our Awards, Win Money!

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We've closed the Call to Artists because a local artist was brought on board to create the awards himself. We'll give you more info when we have it. - Meg


Complete & submit this online form to enter your design PROPOSAL into the 2010 Flagstaff Film Festival Awards Competition. Form submission deadline is APRIL 15, 2010.


Pay your entrance fee of $25. You may do this online with a credit card or PayPal account here. Or, you may pay via U. S. money order and mail it to:
Flagstaff Film Festival
Attn: Awards
PO Box 41842
Tucson, AZ 85717

If your design is one of our three finalists, you win a CASH AWARD OF $250!

The ultimate all-around winner receives:
- A CASH AWARD of $5,000.
- 2 VIP tickets to all festival screenings, workshops, panels, and parties.
- Acknowledgment in the official festival guide and on festival Web site
- Delightful feelings of pride

Complete information & rules |

And By The Way, Arizona Filmmakers

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This information comes from Shelli Hall, the Director of the Tucson Film Office []

Friends of Film in Arizona –

Last month the new Arizona Motion Picture Tax Incentive bill, SB1409, passed a Senate Commerce Committee hearing 7 to 1. Next week will be the real test. SB1409 moves to the Senate Floor where it will be voted on. If the bill doesn’t pass, Arizona has absolutely no chance of competing with New Mexico, Louisiana, Georgia or any of the other states with wildly successful film incentive programs (for evidence see articles below).

To insure that the bill passes, we need you to contact your Senators no later than Tuesday, March 9th. Ask them to support SB1409, and tell them why you, personally, believe there are economic benefits to having the film industry in our state.

You can find out who your Senator is here:

You can find their contact information here:

If you e-mail them, make sure your address is prominent as lawmakers will more likely read an email from someone in their district.

Onward and upward!

Shelli Hall

Unlike Me Personally, the Festival Has Dates!

August 9 - 15.

A formal announcement will be forthcoming.

We also have an exclusive downtown venue. Formal announcement also forthcoming.

Plan now to Be There From the Beginning for FFF2010!

Student Submissions are Delightfully Inexpensive!

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Student Submissions are indicated by this little goldfish. You know, cuz they're in school and students are in school. Classy!

Student Submission Type - [Fee] - Deadline

Early Bird Submission [ $15] March 31, 2010
Regular Submission [$25] April 30, 2010
Late Submission [$30] May 31, 2010
Very Late Submission [$40] June 15, 2010

Note: To qualify for the student film submission rate, you must provide a copy of your current and valid student ID with each individual submission! Student work submitted without valid ID will not be eligible for exhibition.

The student rate does not apply to screen plays.

Apply Online or Download .pdf & Send Via Snail Mail

Early Bird Submissions Are Open!

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The Flagstaff Film Festival Accepts Early Bird Submissions
The Flagstaff Film Festival will celebrate its inaugural year with a summer film festival. Early-bird submissions are being accepted on the festival's Web site [ ] for student films, feature films, short films, webisode pilots, and screen plays.

Flagstaff, Arizona – July, 2010
Festival Director Meg Askey announced this week that special "Early Bird" pricing will be in effect through the end of March. Prices are as follows:

Students ... $15 with valid student ID
Feature Films ... $30
Short Films ... $20
Webisode Pilots ... $20
Screenplays ... $40

FFF 2010 | Be There From The Beginning
Our first exhibition will include 10 - 15 separate film programs which will be categorized thematically. Specific exhibition dates will be announced soon.

Please visit our website [click here] for further information and to submit.

About the Flagstaff Film Festival
The brand-new Flagstaff Film Festival was established in 2010 by Meg Askey (BA Media Arts, University of Arizona) in January 2010. The Flagstaff Film Festival is produced by a small group of media professionals who have donated their time to help establish this summer media extravaganza. We will be exhibiting 10 - 15 diverse film programs that will include new as well as historic films.

Submissions are being accepted through our Web site. We will accept submissions through mid-June at which time we will view and categorize the films into themed programs.

We are also interested in showing films to local audiences that reflect Flagstaff's rich history. To achieve that goal, our team has reached beyond traditional film and media contacts to include a diverse cross-section of contributors from such diverse organizations as The University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, NAU College of Arts & Letters, NAU School of Communication, NAU Cline Library, The Museum of Northern Arizona, The Hopi Cultural Center, and many more. These valued collaborators will help us plan special programs that will reflect local societies and culture.

Contact Info
Meg D. Askey

Festival Director

PO Box 41842
Tucson, AZ 85717
Phone: 520.343.5156

Web | Facebook | Twitter | Blogger

Slice of Life Photos

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Submissions Are Important!

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We'll officially begin taking Early Bird Submissions [prices good through 3/31/10 only, so submit immediately!] tomorrow! Taking submissions is important for the obvious reason that lots of submissions will positively affect the quality of our film programs. But another fact is that we're a brand new festival, so submission fees will be paying a lot of bills that we need to pay in order to have a successful festival.

The first item up for payment is the deposit for our venue. Once we have the cash to put down on that venue, we'll be announcing the festival's dates! Reminder, this is our VERY FIRST festival, so we're doing this by the skin of our teeth!

Then we have some staff to pay because this kind of thing doesn't magically happen, you know. We have to secure the talents of about 5-7 key crew members who will be projectionists, ticket sellers, designers, operations experts, and program coordinators.

I'll be blogging away, describing our progress, giving you the opportunity to Be There From The Beginning, which is the slogan for FFF | 2010.

Web Progress ...

Web progress means that information is being put together as we speak on our Web site, I have been working on the site for weeks and wanted it to be flush with information before I sent out any press releases.

Looks like I'll be sending press releases out tomorrow, as long as all things go as planned. And they will.

We're a For-Profit Entity

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Okay before you decide that we're a bunch of money-grubbin' industrialists playing some kind of real-life game of Monopoly, let me gently explain.

Through a rewarding yet exhausting process of trial-and-error I discovered that there isn't a whole lot of money out there for non-profit entities. And the money that is there generally goes to well-established non-profit entities.

Well that's fair. We're new and unproven and there are a lot of worthy charities and non-profits out there who need state and federal support more than we do. I totally get it.

Instead of crying for more than a day, well cuz in the interest of full-disclosure I did lament for about one entire day, I decided that this venture would be for-profit. But the reality is that the FFF staff of 1 full-time employee (hello world!) and about 5 part-time employees (our FFF staff) will probably be paid only a very modest sum for all of their hard work, especially this first year when we have so much to prove.

The rest of our profits will go right back into the local economy. We'll be spending money on festival necessities like awards, printing, event food, event beverages, event staff, room and board, etc.

In addition to making payroll and paying for some crucial festival thinggies, we'll also be contributing a portion of our profits to non-profit partners like the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Cline Library, and the Hopi Cultural Center to help digitize and exhibit their media collections.

And finally, we will be announcing other non-profit beneficiaries in the weeks to come. These entities will be local charities that operate outside the strict scope of the media and film making.

In the end, we're just a bunch of artists and film makers who want to gather each summer to collaborate and share inspirations. Yeah, we want to pay our mortgages and such but big fat profits are not our main concern.