Submissions Are Important!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
We'll officially begin taking Early Bird Submissions [prices good through 3/31/10 only, so submit immediately!] tomorrow! Taking submissions is important for the obvious reason that lots of submissions will positively affect the quality of our film programs. But another fact is that we're a brand new festival, so submission fees will be paying a lot of bills that we need to pay in order to have a successful festival.

The first item up for payment is the deposit for our venue. Once we have the cash to put down on that venue, we'll be announcing the festival's dates! Reminder, this is our VERY FIRST festival, so we're doing this by the skin of our teeth!

Then we have some staff to pay because this kind of thing doesn't magically happen, you know. We have to secure the talents of about 5-7 key crew members who will be projectionists, ticket sellers, designers, operations experts, and program coordinators.

I'll be blogging away, describing our progress, giving you the opportunity to Be There From The Beginning, which is the slogan for FFF | 2010.


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