We're a For-Profit Entity

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Okay before you decide that we're a bunch of money-grubbin' industrialists playing some kind of real-life game of Monopoly, let me gently explain.

Through a rewarding yet exhausting process of trial-and-error I discovered that there isn't a whole lot of money out there for non-profit entities. And the money that is there generally goes to well-established non-profit entities.

Well that's fair. We're new and unproven and there are a lot of worthy charities and non-profits out there who need state and federal support more than we do. I totally get it.

Instead of crying for more than a day, well cuz in the interest of full-disclosure I did lament for about one entire day, I decided that this venture would be for-profit. But the reality is that the FFF staff of 1 full-time employee (hello world!) and about 5 part-time employees (our FFF staff) will probably be paid only a very modest sum for all of their hard work, especially this first year when we have so much to prove.

The rest of our profits will go right back into the local economy. We'll be spending money on festival necessities like awards, printing, event food, event beverages, event staff, room and board, etc.

In addition to making payroll and paying for some crucial festival thinggies, we'll also be contributing a portion of our profits to non-profit partners like the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Cline Library, and the Hopi Cultural Center to help digitize and exhibit their media collections.

And finally, we will be announcing other non-profit beneficiaries in the weeks to come. These entities will be local charities that operate outside the strict scope of the media and film making.

In the end, we're just a bunch of artists and film makers who want to gather each summer to collaborate and share inspirations. Yeah, we want to pay our mortgages and such but big fat profits are not our main concern.


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