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Regular submissions end tomorrow at midnight, so please oh please be fiscally responsible, and submit your film immediately. Here's a break-down of this month's fee structure.

Feature Submission Type - [Fee] - Deadline
Regular Submission [$40] April 30, 2010 » download .pdf or submit online

Short Film Submission Type - [Fee] - Deadline
Regular Submission [$30] April 30, 2010 » download .pdf or submit online

Webisode Submission Type - [Fee] - Deadline
Regular Submission [$30] April 30, 2010 » download .pdf or submit online

Screenplay Submission Type - [Fee] - Deadline
Regular Submission [$50] April 30, 2010 » download .pdf or submit online

Student Submission Type - [Fee] - Deadline
Regular Submission [$25] April 30, 2010 » download .pdf or submit online

For complete festival information and rules and officially type thinggies, visit our website.

Love Letter to Betty White


Heaven's to Betty! She's hosting SNL for the first time ever this week! Yaaaay!

Sedona Is Lovely For Oh So Many Reasons

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I demand that you purchase the July/August issue of Sedona Monthly! Why? Well because the Flagstaff [SUMMER!] Film Festival is gonna be in it! Oh you KNOW I'll be keeping you updated on this story! Stay tuned, for I shall blog plentifully about being Arizona's new media darling. I can kid and hope at the same time. :)

Love Letter to Ricky Gervais

Dear Sir Gervais,
I dunno if you want to get a title from the Queen, but I'd write a letter of recommendation if that would help.

PS ... Your interview with Kurt Anderson on Studio360 was pure brill and toads inspiring.

Sponsor Spotlight: Ed Hardy

Still the easiest and least-painful way to purchase tattoos:

Ed Hardy

Without A Box

We're considering investing our hard-earned dollars on a complete profile on Without A Box. This listing will allow us to take film submissions through them. Your input is important to helping us decide if it's a good investment.

If you're a FILMMAKER, tell me if you'd be more likely to submit your film to the Flagstaff Film Festival if we accepted submissions via WOAB. What percentage of your submissions go thru WOAB?

If you produce a FILM FESTIVAL, tell me if you're happy with the quantity and quality of submissions you receive. Is it worth the investment?

Here's how to let us know how you feel:


Sponsor Spotlight: iTunes

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Apple iTunes

Oh the joys of the Madonna episode of Glee! We'll need to watch it over and over again. The best way to do that is to download it from iTunes.

And when purchase anything from iTunes via links you see on our blog, we receive a little stipend that helps us meet all the costs associated with producing a world-class film festival. Everybody is happy, except perhaps for Sue Sylvester.

Price Comparison ... Submit Friday vs. Saturday

Submit your registration and submission fee THIS WEEK & save money!

Students Films: $25 Friday vs. $30 Saturday
Feature Films: $40 Friday vs. $50 Saturday
Short Films: $30 Friday vs. $40 Saturday
Webisode Pilots: $30 Friday vs. $40 Saturday
Screenplays: $50 Friday vs. $60 Saturday

Start the process online now.
Find out how to submit via snail mail.

Love Letter to Zach Galifianakis

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Love Letter to Werner Herzog

Dear Herr Herzog:
Thank you for tolerating Klaus Kinski. Thank you for Fitzcarraldo, Aguirre, and Stroszek. Thank you for Grizzley Man and Encounters at the End of the World. Thank you for whatever comes next.
Love, Meg

Love Letter to Ross McElwee

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Ross ....  You know what? Life is precisely like the canoe trip in Sherman's March: There are constants like you and your sister floating in the canoe as well as more ephemeral elements, like the woman who swims through frame and thus through your life. Pure joy to behold. Thank you. Love, Meg

Love Letter to Bob Odenkirk

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 1 comments
Please never stop being Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad. There is a very good reason why your element in the show's periodic table-inspired opening credits is O.

I love you.

Love, Meg


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Okay they're not even one of our sponsors but I have to say I enjoy their service. They've got a great user interface that lets manage our many online products (store front, email accounts, etc.) and when I call them to ask dumb questions, they answer the phone. And very quickly! Plus let's give a big woot woot to them for being a local business. Yaay Arizona.

Just sayin'.

Have I Ever Told You About ...

Smart effin media dorks like the ones that write for Canted Magazine? These UA Media Arts students are freaking DO-ERS. They write reviews and interview visiting dignitaries and just generally kick major not-fronts. Check out their brilliance immediately,

Alert the Media

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I'm completely okay with inventing celebrity gossip in order to connect with local media. Inquiries can be sent to

Be There For The Drama ...

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Talent is only the starting point

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Screenplays Needed!


More DIY Fun

Help Us Tell the World.

DIY (do-it-yerself) directions: print, cut, paste all over your town

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Trailer Contest

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Would YOU submit?

A Visit to the Post Office

I picked up our first box of screeners at the post office this morning!

Which reminds me ... did you know that you can submit your registration and fee online? Yup, and as long as we get the screener before JUNE 15 you'll be eligible for the festival.

submit online now | submission rules | fff home

NAU College of Arts & Letters Film Series

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It's easy to get caught up in the drama of starting a new film festival and completely neglect film events that go on all of the time in Flagstaff.

For instance, the College of Arts and Letters and the Cline Library at Northern Arizona University join forces to produce themed film programs that change each semester. This semester's theme is "Love and War, Costumes and Clowns".

This week's screening, To Live (Huozhe) by Yimou Zhang  (1994, 125 min., Not Rated), is an ambitious and political, yet intimate epic of one family from the 1940s through the1960s in revolutionary China is in Chinese with English subtitles.

You can find out more about the program by visiting the CAL's web site [ web ].

Advertise With FFF2010

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Oh my do we have some exciting advertising packages for you and your company. Advertising with FFF2010 gives your company the one thing it needs: Eyeballs. Yup, eyeballs on your company logo and identity. Eyeballs numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Eyeballs belonging to a diverse audience made up of summer visitors, local film fanatics, and industry professionals.

If we were a bit more filled with swagger, we'd call this a Win/Win. (It's a Win/Win.)

Incidentally, you can skip the middle-man and go directly to our shopping cart to learn more about advertising & support and to pay online via Paypal or Credit Card. Nifty, right?

Visit the store now. When you see a product you're interested in, simply click on the linked title to read more about what the package provides.