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Friday, April 2, 2010
Oh my do we have some exciting advertising packages for you and your company. Advertising with FFF2010 gives your company the one thing it needs: Eyeballs. Yup, eyeballs on your company logo and identity. Eyeballs numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Eyeballs belonging to a diverse audience made up of summer visitors, local film fanatics, and industry professionals.

If we were a bit more filled with swagger, we'd call this a Win/Win. (It's a Win/Win.)

Incidentally, you can skip the middle-man and go directly to our shopping cart to learn more about advertising & support and to pay online via Paypal or Credit Card. Nifty, right?

Visit the store now. When you see a product you're interested in, simply click on the linked title to read more about what the package provides.


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