Advertiser's Spotlight: See's Candies

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
See's Candies, Inc.

1. Mother's Day is Sunday May 9th. That means you must BUY YOUR MOTHER A GIFT!
2. If you have a wife and that wife has EVER taken care of your kids,  guess what, WIFE NEEDS A GIFT TOO!

Hello, I'm Meg, and I'm not just the director of the Flagstaff Film Festival, I'm also an official Agent of Joy. Sure, I gave myself that title but that's not really the point. 

What's the point? MOTHER'S DAY! Haven't you been listening?

Your special women EXPECT and DESERVE very special gifts.  I'm here to help ... Might I suggest that you buy them something from:

See's Candies, Inc.

See's Candies are ridiculously tasty, people. If you've never enjoyed one of their wee Pecan Buds, you have lived a tragic little life.

Once you click one of the links and buy something for your wife and/or mother, rest easy knowing that:

1. You won't have to buy cheap teddy bears and plastic flowers from roadside vendors.
2. You've maximized happy joy love levels for your main women. (If you do not understand why this is important, you should double your order immediately.)
3. Help support FFF2010. Which makes that other woman in your life happy, me.

Do it now, thank me later or never cuz I am ...
Your Humble Agent of Joy


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