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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Remember our little talk yesterday about Mommies and Wifeys and Mother's Day?

Well I'm back reminding you that you ought not forget your Wife and/or Mom on Mother's Day.  And I feel that you understand the importance of my words. You are hearing AND listening, which is very unique for men so good job fellows.

Very nice that you paid heed to my warning and Mom will be happy this year and Wife will be happy to.

BUT WAIT! Right now we're popping ahead in time like we live on Lost Island. Wow ... it's one year from now and you've forgotten Mother's Day! Perhaps I'm on an Oceanic flight from Melbourne to L.A. and I forget to remind you. I don't know, young man, why the oversight happened. But it did.


... because THIS MOTHER'S DAY you thoughtfully purchased a monthly delivery of wine for mom/wife and she might just be too drunk I mean thrilled with her CabSav to care that you forgot Mother's Day this year, I mean next year. It's confusing, so just click that little link above and purchase some nice stuff for Mom. And Wife.

You'll thank you next year.


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