Love Letter To ... Local Twit-Genius

Friday, May 21, 2010
If you've read this blog much you have probably figured out that I love smarty-pantses. One of my current favorites is a Tweetster named "AZWritingCoach".

His tweets simultaneously shame and delight me. Here's a smattering:

"What the hell is an 'educator?'  'Teacher' is a perfectly good title."

"Words of the day - Totally destroyed, totally decimated: Both wrong."

"Hating the 'We’re excited to announce' PR release intro." 

"Was Otis Redding really sitting on the dock, wharf or pier of the bay?"

Follow him on Twitter or check out his blog. And no, he hasn't paid me to say any of this and I resent the accusation that you didn't just make.


  • meg

    Oh Be Still, My Heart! I told "AZWritingCoach" about my public crush on his writing and he responded via Twitter:

    "Meg. I did a column on DMs. ( You are now officially my favorite. I'll help spread msg @ FFF in Phx. Cheers, Hal"

    tra la la la la la

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