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Friday, May 14, 2010
AUGUST 9 -16, 2010 
Contact: Meg Askey, Flagstaff Film Festival Director & Program Coordinator

The First Annual Flagstaff Film Festival is coming to gorgeous Flagstaff Arizona from August
9 – 16, 2010.  We like to say “Be There From the Beginning” because want to encourage everyone to participate in the making of a film festival, whether through submitting their films, attending the screenings, or coming to take part in our panel discussions and general merriment. The Flagstaff Film Festival will be screening a variety of films including Student films, Feature films, Short Film films, Webisodes, Animations, and now Screenplays as well.  In addition to our standard film screenings, the Flagstaff Film Festival will be hosting a variety of specialty film selections including Road Movies (we are, after all, historic Route 66 territory), Science and Skepticism Films, as well as Border and Immigration Films.  

About the Flagstaff Film Festival
The mission of the Flagstaff Film Festival is simple – we want to showcase quality independent films and filmmakers without all of the pretention of big city festivals.  In our first year the Flagstaff Film Festival is growing and developing new partnerships, making new friends, and exhibiting independent films from international filmmakers.  There will be panel discussions, premieres, frolicking good times, and so much to take in, so come along and join us.  Like we say, be there from the beginning and take part in the First Annual Flagstaff Film Festival.

About Flagstaff
Beautiful and historic Flagstaff Arizona is hosting the first Flagstaff Film Festival, and we could not be happier!  Situated on classic Route 66, Flagstaff is the place to go for history, science, endless nature, and some pretty darn cool indie folks.  

About the Venue
A classic town of unprecedented gorgeousness, Flagstaff Arizona has a theater that is just as perfect as the Flagstaff weather in August.  The Orpheum Theater, originally constructed in 1911, boasts plentiful seating, a balcony, a full bar, and even a lounge for filmmakers to mingle with one another.  

Submit Your Film!
The First Annual Flagstaff Film Festival is calling for entries for all categories including Student submissions, Feature submissions, Short Film submissions, Webisode submissions, Animation submissions, and now Screenplay submissions.  To submit your entry via our online SubShop, link to: or via our Without A Box Listing,

The Flagstaff Film Festival is offering Fee Waivers to any Short films that discuss border issues or immigration topics.  Recently, Arizona has been going through a tough time with new legislation being passed regarding immigrants and border matters.  By focusing on these issues, filmmakers will have the opportunity to showcase their own perspectives and hopefully ignite discussion and reflect on the current situation. 

Additionally, there will be Fee Waivers given to Science-themed films of any variety.  As a means of contributing to education and a broader understanding of the magnificent world that we live in, the Flagstaff Film Festival would like to invite submissions with science topics such as astronomy, natural disasters, and wildlife conservation. By encouraging an open dialog in these matters, filmmakers and guests can discuss what part they can play in preservation of our planet, as well as simply marvel at the beauty of our universe.

For more information, questions, and submissions, please contact us.
Meg Askey: Festival Director and Program Coordinator:
Valerie Richarme-Grotto: Marketing and Promotions:


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