Thrifty Filmmaking Rewarded at FFF2010!

Friday, May 28, 2010
We'd much rather celebrate than complain and that's why we're having a film screening around the theme of ECONOMY AND THRIFT at the Flagstaff Film Festival this August 9-16.

Economies, On Film!
You: That wasn't Egypt, that was my backyard!
FFF2010: That's darn thrifty, here's a fee waiver.

The Flagstaff Film Festival is looking for short films on the theme of ECONOMY AND THRIFT. Whether your production designer made a pterodactyl for fifty bucks or you somehow told the epic story of the history of the earth in a five-minute short, you are a thrifty genius and we want to see your film!

In order to reward your thrift, we'll even waive your film submission fees. Just email our director, Meg ( a brief explanation of your thrift and she'll send you a fee waiver!

About the Flagstaff Film Festival
The mission of the Flagstaff Film Festival is simple – we want to showcase quality independent films and filmmakers without all of the pretention of big city festivals.  In our first year the Flagstaff Film Festival is growing and developing new partnerships, making new friends, and exhibiting independent films from international filmmakers.  There will be panel discussions, premieres, frolicking good times, and so much to take in, so come along and join us.  Like we say, be there from the beginning and take part in the First Annual Flagstaff Film Festival.

About Flagstaff 
Beautiful and historic Flagstaff Arizona is hosting the first Flagstaff Film Festival, and we could not be happier!  Situated on classic Route 66, Flagstaff is the place to go for history, science, endless nature, and some pretty darn cool indie folks.

For more information, questions, and submissions, please contact us.
Meg Askey, Festival Director:
Valerie Richarme-Grotto, Marketing & Promotions:

AUGUST 9 -16, 2010


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