389 Miles "Living the Border" dir. Luis Carlos Romero-Davis

Friday, June 11, 2010
The Flagstaff Film Festival is pleased as punch to announce the acceptance of another fascinating documentary that will be screened this August in cool and piney Flagstaff, Arizona.

389 MILES "LIVING THE BORDER" dir. Luis Carlos Romero-Davis
389 Miles: “Living the Border” is a human journey, a story documented by director Luis Carlos Romero-Davis who grew up in the shadow of the Mexico-Arizona border. It presents the raw, daily life of human beings compromised economically, and the potential rewards for those who exploit them. There is no purely good side or bad, only the steel wall or a strand of rusty barbed wire and the complex web of human emotions and issues forged by them—survival, human trafficking, rape, corruption, evil and grace in many disguises.


  • matt Matera

    I've seen this film. It's powerful, moving, and honest. During a time like today, when the immigration debate seems to be controlled by media and legislative officials, 389 Miles provides the stories of so many people involved who are "living the border." This is a must see for everyone, no matter what side of the immigration debate you are on. Flagstaff Film Festival...kudos to you for selecting this film for screening.

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