CRAVEN premieres at FFF2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

    The Flagstaff Film Festival 2010 is pleased as punch to welcome Robert Fullerton's powerful short film CRAVEN to the FFF2010 line-up.

Director & Producer Robert Fullerton's CRAVEN premieres at FFF2010
    Alex Petrov, once a Russian hockey prodigy, left his family as a young man to come to Canada to live his dream. Now, 20 years later, he is just another immigrant, popping pills and pimping his glory days as he tries to sell people security systems. He shares a house with his two teenage kids who live in their own world and they all try to forget the woman that was once there.

Then, one night, in a bar parking lot, Alex witnesses a brutal gang style beating of a native man. He unexpectedly meets eyes with the man as he fights for his life. Something is exchanged.

While Alex tries to avoid being involved, a young female police detective finally tracks him down and forces him to testify against a powerful gang leader. Alex is assured of police protection, but soon finds out that he and his family are in danger and quietly, one night, he removes his family from their home and they take refuge on a local Native Reserve with a Native woman, Rita, whom he has met and come to like.

While the gang leader and the RCMP each try to find him first, Alex discovers that the beaten man’s wife and son have a strange attraction to him, one that leaves both he and Rita struggling with their sense of justice and responsibility.


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