DREAMING OF HAIR and QUESTION, dir. Dara Elerath

Friday, June 11, 2010
Dir Dara Elerath screens two animated shorts at FFF2010
The Flagstaff Film Festival is delighted to welcome two shorts from director Dara Elerath,  DREAMING OF HAIR and QUESTION, to our roster of engaging independent films to be screened this August 9-16 in cool and piney Flagstaff, Arizona.

Dreaming of Hair: A text-based animation inspired by a poem of the same name by writer Li-Young Lee. Animated by Dara Elerath and narrated by the renowned artist and puppeteer Michael McCormick.

The poem is about waking up and finding your lover's hair in your mouth. The imagery and visuals use are done in a Kinetic Text style that evokes the sensuality and romance inspired by the poem.

A short, experimental poem-collage based on the work of May Swenson, created and narrated by Dara Elerath. This was as elf-directed learning project. All skills and techniques used were created by the artist's own experimentation and problem solving. This project has led to subsequent projects and the discovery that there is a deep affinity for this particular art form.


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