Of Course You'll Like SOLO ... It's Funny AND Set In Space!

Thursday, June 24, 2010
SOLO Added to FFF2010 Film Roster
The Flagstaff Film Festival is delighted to exhibit portions of a comedy web series for audiences this summer! SOLO joins a full roster of other independently-produced media projects to be screened this August 9-16 in cool and piney Flagstaff, Arizona.

SOLO dir. Jorge Urbina
Our hero, Scott Drizhal, is chosen to go on a solo, 3 year mission to Mars as part of a reality series. Unfortunately the show is canceled and Scott is now stuck on a round-trip ticket to Mars and back. With no company in deep space other than a smart-ass, artificially-intelligent ship computer (PHAL), his wife declaring him legally dead so she can claim the millions in insurance, a Napoleonic producer whose hubris lands him and the show into Japanese mafia infested waters and a malfunctioning, prototype ship that was never meant to fly to Mars… Hilarity ensues.


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