TRANSMISSION To Delight Flagstaff Audiences with Unparalleled Weirdness

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

(Run-time: 52m) dir. Alex Kopel
An alien crashes to Earth in the form of a famous movie cowboy, with the message that humans are destroying the Universe through negative thoughts and actions. Nobody believes him, and the alien succumbs to human ways of lust, violence, and gluttony himself until he finally figures out how to save time and space with one epic image. Soundtrack from Igor Stravinsky's 'The Firebird'.

  • Screenings: World Premiere in Flagstaff, Opening Day, Monday August 9, 2010
  • Trailer: youtube * imdb
  • Links: facebook event
  • Tasty tidbit: This film was inspired by a visit to  Meteor Crater, located just 35 miles east of Flagstaff on I-40!


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