WEIGHTLOSS, dir. Roman Arriola

Friday, June 11, 2010
WEIGHTLOSS Added to FFF2010 Roster
The Flagstaff Film Festival 2010 is pleased as punch to announce that the hilariously touching short documentary WEIGHTLOSS will screen this August in cool & piney Flagstaff Arizona!

WEIGHTLOSS, dir. Roman Arriola
This is a documentary about Alex Anaya trying to lose weight. He hires a strange trainer, Travis, who creates more problems than solves. Alex has a reason for losing weight, and her name is Priscilla, a girl that jogs in front of his house every sunset. Alex puts all his effort into losing weight, but somehow it always seems to rain on his goal.


  • Roman

    I'm so excited to see this masterpiece!

    -Roman Arriola

  • Kristen

    Wow.!!I love to watch Alex documentary,sounds so good and interesting..!!I am so excited to watch Alex documentary..!!Good poat and thanks for sharing this post.

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