Congratulations to the Final Five!

Thursday, July 29, 2010
We're in the home stretch heading into the very first Flagstaff Summer Film Festival (August 9-16, 2010) and we're pleased to announce the Five Finalists who will be in competition to receive Screenwriting Awards.

Big congrats to James Lantz, Matt Allen, Philip Sedgwick, Faiza Ambah, and Jeff Oswald. Take a peek at great stuff they gave us to read ...

Hide Fox by James Lantz
Art vs. Economics. We know who wins. But what does the matchup look like? Meet Steven Fitz, an economics professor fresh out of school, and his wife, Emma, an aspiring artist. They're young, educated, and about to have a baby. Everything is going as planned -- that is, until a homeless youth is discovered living on campus. When Emma takes an interest in the boy, she discovers that he's also an aspiring artist. As the two of them grow closer, Steven becomes isolated and soon starts listening to a chain-smoking old woman who claims to be the controversial philosopher, Ayn Rand. What follows is a Hitchcockian tale that leads to a mountain wood, and a body hidden in the hollow of an old tree.

Hoax by Matt Allen and Scott Park
An investigation into a reality show massacre turns into a fight for survival when a team including a brilliant primate specialist and led by a ruthless television producer must come to grips with the possible existence of Bigfoot.

Kate by Philip Sedgwick
An environmentally friendly (female) Everglades ranger holes up in a mud hut in the Everglades with her adversary, a rich, slick and of course, hot real estate developer, to ride out a category five hurricane. With the denouement of this script, it's really suited only to be an indie film - an evocative script of redemption and reformation. Strong female lead.

A Reverence For Spiders by Faiza Ambah
The basis of a Brooklyn-based imam's faith and his relationship with his daughters is tested when he battles the parents of a young man and members of his own mosque on behalf of a boy for whom he provided a Muslim burial.

Where's Willie by Jeff Oswald
Deranged but somewhat lovable loser-at-life, failed musician, and part- time tortilla presser Cordell McAllister never got a break. So he decides to collect on a broken promise made decades ago, and kidnaps country music legend and all-around American hero Willie Nelson. In a barn in the desolate Texas hill country, Cordell stumbles and bumbles his way through realizing his dream of recording one of his songs accompanied by Willie Nelson.


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    Congrats to all of you!

    Way to go, boyzzz and girls. I mean girls and boyzzz....


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