PARTY ... Now a Command AND a Feature Film!

Friday, July 9, 2010

PARTY Screens at FFF2010
The Flagstaff Film Festival is just added feature film PARTY to the roster of high-quality independent films screening this August 9-16 in Flagstaff, Arizona.

PARTY, dir. J. Peter Perreault 

PARTY is mocumentary/ dramedy mixed with slapstick, music and improv. This time capsule captures the beginnings of some of today's great underground and mainstream talents.The year is 1995 and this PARTY is just getting started.

About the Flagstaff Film Festival
We're celebrating our inaugural year this August 9-16 in cool and piney Flagstaff, Arizona. We're celebrating all film genres and spicing things up with several special programs, workshops, live podcasts, and panel discussions.

About Flagstaff
Beautiful and historic Flagstaff Arizona is hosting the first Flagstaff Film Festival, and we could not be happier!  Situated on classic Route 66, Flagstaff is the place to go for history, science, endless nature, and some pretty darn cool indie folks.

About the Venue
The historic and recently-restored Orpheum Theater is our exclusive venue. Originally constructed in 1911, the theater boasts plentiful seating, a balcony, a full bar, and even a lounge for filmmakers to mingle with one another.

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