Top Ten Screenplays!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
A big WOOOT WOOOOOT  to the top ten finalists in our screenplay competition. Look for a synopsis of each film here in the coming days. Aren't we ever so cheeky for making you wait? Yes, we are.

Claim Denied
by William Roth

The Good One
by Dawn Marie Guernsey

Hide Fox
by James Lantz

by Matt Allen

by Philip Sedgwick

My Dirty Secrets
by James Tuverson

A Reverence For Spiders
by Faiza Ambah

There are No Superheroes
by Benjamin Bates

by Wayne Keeley

Where's Willie
by Jeff Oswald


  • Awesome! Thanks for recognizing 10 of us and letting us know. Stuff like this makes us want to keep on going. Good luck to all!!
    James Tuverson

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