Dir. Chino Moya Screens OUT OF HERE in Flagstaff

Sunday, August 1, 2010
The Flagstaff Film Festival is delighted to add the short subject OUT OF HERE to our roster of high-quality independent films screening this August 9-16 in Flagstaff, Arizona.

OUT OF HERE, dir.  Chino Moya
Set in modern day Bloomsbury an American girl leaves her older English upperclass academic boyfriend’s house carrying all her belongings in two suitcases and two plastic bags.

Once in the street she makes a phone call to her lover. She tells him that her boyfriend has found out about their affair and has thrown her out of the house. She asks him to pick her up from the street, but the lover, who seems to know the boyfriend very well, refuses to take care of her and hangs up the phone.

The girl is now lost and she wanders aimlessly through the streets with the suitcases and the plastic bags. She walks through a cemetery, goes to the cinema, and finally after throwing up in the street she enters a cafe. Eventually a random man approaches her. He sits down and begins to rant about his boring day as a salesman, taking no time to notice whether she is listening or not. The next thing we see is the couple having sex in a miserable hotel room. Then he gets dressed and leaves the room. She walks through the corridor after having a shower in the communal bathroom, gets back to her room, makes the bed and folds the towel, waiting for the new day to start.


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